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About me

Who am I?

My name is Bartosz Dolewski and I’m a software developer from Poland. I graduated from the University of Technology in Wrocław some time ago. I started as a C++ developer, then made a switch around 2015 and now I code things using Swift language for Apple platforms.

Happens to be an iOS team leader as well.

Also a very passionate drummer with my love for drums as old as for coding.

What is this place?

That’s my blog where I’d like to publish my daily struggles and thoughts about programming iOS, watchOS, and macOS mostly. I try to explore interesting ideas and concepts - from functional programming to tooling.

All those coding stuff are mixed with my personal journal of drumming, practice routine, challenges, and some stuff from an audio recording.


Feel free to ask me anything via e-mail, point out some typos or just say Hi.

I don’t bite, just talk too much 😉